A Walk to Remember

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The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree… Psalm 92:12, NIV.
Have you ever seen a palm tree in the midst of a great storm? That tree may be bent so far over that it’s almost touching the ground, but when the wind finally stops, that palm tree bounces right back up. What’s interesting is that while that palm tree is hunched over under the pressure of the storm, it is actually becoming stronger.
See, the reason God said we’d flourish like a palm tree is because He knew there would be difficult times. He knew things would come against us to try to steal our joy and victory. But God said, “You’re going to be like a palm tree because when the storms of life blow, you are going to come right back up stronger than before.”
As you reflect on the events over the last year, remember, the storms you have encountered have only made you stronger. You are wiser, you are more alive, and you are headed for victory. Your brightest days are right out in front of you! Always remember that with God on your side, nothing can hold you back!
Blueberry Hazelnut Cheesecake at Cedele ~ ♡
They were nice & allowed me to take a photo before riding off ~ haha so cool. #throwback
Just one of the many breathtaking views in Northern Thailand (taken on the way back to the airport). Thank God for a safe trip for everyone and a better understanding of His work being done in the mountains~  Waiting at BKK now~
How far and how wide is His love~ #thailand #touristforaday
Agreed with mt piano teacher to have this song practised well by today’s lesson. 1 more page left (4 pages) to get comfortable with. I’ve always procrastinated practising cause it’s not on my priority list as compared to my other responsibilities. could only slip in time during breaks when ive been staring too long at the computer and making so many phone calls. This week God’s teaching my heart not to compare myself with others. I don’t have to be awesome at this just cause others can be. As long as I’ve got my priorities right I know He is pleased. Note: I have to be a good steward too..so I’m not saying it’s okay to waste money. ^.^
Finally had some break time to add another list to my listogrpahy, cause I felt like I did a lot of work today haha. Not a literal list but a visual one of my #washitape ! #washified #listography So currently those are the designs I have, didnt add in gold, silver & purple from J’s wedding guestbook. :)
I need this aft waking up at 6am~ :)
Dodo ! My piano teacher’s cute dog! thankfully tdy’s makeup assignment was just next door to my piano teacher’s house so I can squeeze in a lesson so next friday I can stay out late with @mushilsw ^.^ My parents were also super nice & sent me here & picked up my makeup box since I was heading to church ♡♡♡